Smal Bloembollen BV

The family business Smal Bloembollen BV has been active in the tulip sector for many years. At this moment the third generation is working in the family business.

We produce over 17 million tulips annually, of which 6 million are grown on potting soil and 11 million on water. The tulips are grown at two locations, in Oudendijk and Avenhorn. Here, 25 types of tulips are passionately grown using three different production methods.
There has been deliberately chosen to produce a heavy/high quality bunch of tulips. Intended for the true tulip enthusiast, available at the best florists at home and abroad. Recognizable by the blue paper with a Dutch print, called PolderPride.

In addition to forcing, the company is also actively involved in flower bulb cultivation.
Part of this flower bulb production is used to fill the greenhouse. By growing these bulbs ourselves, the quality can be guaranteed. This is important for producing a beautiful bunch of heavy tulips.

To be able to continue to produce beautiful tulips in the future, the company is working on the development of new varieties. These new varieties will ensure that customer needs can be met in the future.