Poel Bloembollen

Poel Bloembollen BV is a family company that is now passed on to the 4th generation.Jan Poel came in 1911 from De Beemster to the current location at the Zuiddijk 9 in De Rijp. We are exclusively engaged in the cultivation and forcing of tulips.

The current acreage consists of 25 hectares of tulips and a forcing plant of 4 million stems. In addition, 6 hectares are grown under contract for third parties.

We focus on the cultivation of the higher segment. Cultivation takes place on the clay soil in De Beemster using the so-called ‘travelling flower stand’. This means that we rent fresh parcels of land from livestock farmers every year.

The forcing is both on water and on potting soil. We sell our flowers through Royal FloraHolland under the cluster of PolderPride.

We attach great importance to cooperation. Alone you go faster, but together you get further. For example, we do our tulip breeding together with Extension and we participate in Ecotulips BV, which has set itself the goal of breeding various resistances in tulips.

We try to get the work done with local employees as much as possible, which has been very successful to date.