Pronk Tulpen BV

We are Bas and Tom Pronk, Pronk Tulips BV is a young and flourishing company located in Avenhorn, The Netherlands. We specialize in the forcing and cultivation of tulips. By using the latest techniques and production methods, we are able to supply a high quality product.

At Pronk Tulips, quality is of paramount importance and is partly achieved by constantly reviewing the various processes within the company. For instance, we take a critical look at the starting material and we pay close attention to the concentration of bacteria and moulds in the “water system”. The same feeling prevails among the employees of Pronk Tulips. They also go for that quality. The golden rule is: would I want this bunch of tulips on the table myself? Partly because of this, there is a sense of neat and adequate work.

For forcing, well-considered choices are made regarding the assortment. New cultivars are only purchased if they complement the existing assortment. The cultivation in the Flevopolder covers approximately 45 hectares, of which 4 hectares are cultivated under plastic.

The bulb harvest is largely used for our own forcing and a small part is intended for sale. In New Zealand, 10 hectares are grown under contract by third parties. The bulb yield from this is also largely intended for our own forcing and a small portion for sale.

In the forcing unit, we mainly forage our own bulbs, supplemented with some purchases. Annually we forage about 22 million stems, of which 4 million New Zealand bulbs in the period October-December.

From mid-December we start with the Zeeland tulips, grown under plastic, after which we end up with the Dutch tulips.