Dutch Flora

DutchFlora is a young company, founded in 2011 by owners Jan Strooper and Roy Broersen. Nowadays, 5 million tulips are grown in water on a new, modern location in Warmenhuizen and 45 hectares of tulip bulbs are grown in the surrounding area.

The bulbs used for growing are sourced from heavy clay soils of the polders and by using large bulbs, a high-quality bunch of tulips can be provided with a long vase life. DutchFlora also tries to differentiate themselves with double tulips and exclusive new varieties. 

By mixing modern cultivation techniques, passion and craftsmanship, an attempt is made to produce a bunch of tulips with the ultimate goal of allowing the consumer to enjoy a beautiful bunch of tulips. 

To save the environment, heated greenhouse air is used to dry the bulbs and the roofs of the sheds are covered with solar panels. Furthermore, the necessary water for the growing is collected from the roofs of the greenhouses and sheds.