Appelman Tulpen

Appelman Tulips is a family business, established in Wogmeer (N-H). Also trading under the name “The Tulips of Appelman”. The management is in the hands of the brothers Ruud and Ed. Founded by our parents, from whom we learned the trade. So there is tulip blood flowing through our veins. Quality comes before quantity at this company. Preferably, all bulbs pass through our hands personally.

Currently, 20 hectares of tulips are grown. All in and around the polder Wogmeer. Land is exchanged with farmers in the area, so that we always have a fresh piece of land.

The forcing of the tulips is done entirely on potting soil. This is to guarantee a good, heavy quality. Around 5 million tulips leave the company and are auctioned at one of the Royal FloraHolland branches. This takes place from January until the end of April.

The company is MPS-A certified. Global GAP is the next step. When making new investments, we also look at sustainability. This year we are going to use a drygair in the greenhouse to reduce gas consumption and improve the climate (Quality). Solar panels are at the top of the wish list.