Mooij Tulips

Mooij Tulips is a real family business located in Bakkum. However, the origin of the company lies in Limmen and dates back to the early 1900s.

At this moment the company is led by Aron Mooij.

We produce tulips for around 10 months a year. From mid-August until June. During this forcing season, we produce approximately 12 million tulips.
In the autumn, we grow tulips from the southern hemisphere and from December onwards, we continue with Dutch bulbs.
Forcing the tulips is done on potting soil.

We also have a flower bulb nursery; the bulbs we grow are purely for our own use. A small part is also sold.

The company is MPS-A certified. We invest in new innovations to be able to forcing tulips in a better and environmentally friendly way.

Our latest investment is a cooling system in the greenhouse, which we use on hot days to ensure that the tulips retain their quality. This machine also allows us to reduce our gas consumption in the winter.